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CCCs and CoAs

Need a CCC (Code Compliance Certificate) or a CoA (Certificate of Acceptance)?


We'll guide you through the process from start to finish. We can:

  • Visit your building site to assess and prepare an application.

  • Lodge the application with Council.

  • Work with Council on the application.

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Fixing the Roof

CCC (Code Compliance Certificate)

A CCC is a certificate issued by Council as a building consent authority under section 95 of the Building Act 2004. It is a formal statement that confirms Council is satisfied on reasonable grounds that all building work has been completed in accordance with the building consent issued for a project.

Section 92 of the Building Act 2004 requires an owner to apply for a CCC once all work carried out under an issued building consent is complete. If your building consent is five or more years old, your CCC application is classified as an historic application and your building may need to be assessed for durability.

Council advises: If you are unsure whether your work is finished or if it complies with the building consent plans, book a final inspection to ensure everything is complete before making your CCC application. 


We can carry out the inspection and lodge the application with Council on your behalf.


(Certificate of Acceptance)

A CoA provides a limited assurance that Council is satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that unconsented building work complies with the current New Zealand Building Code.

You can apply for a CoA only if building work was constructed without a building consent from 1 July 1992 onwards, or in specific circumstances, when a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) cannot be issued.

A CoA may be issued for building works in the following circumstances:

  • When urgent work is carried out to protect life or health, or prevent serious damage to property, and it is not practical to obtain a building consent in advance.

  • When you have bought a house that has unconsented building work and you are wanting to bring everything into line and legal. We go through the process with Council to get this signed off. 

  • When you install a tiled shower: many homeowners discover that a tiled shower requires a building consent due to waterproofing issues. If you have had a bathroom renovation or upgraded your shower to a tiled shower, we can go through the process of getting this signed off under a CoA.

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